Camp Coordinator:

Dr. Parshati Patel

Parshati has been working with CPSX outreach in various capacities since 2012. She is a CPSX alumna with a PhD in Astronomy and Planetary Science and Exploration. In addition to being involved with CPSX outreach, Parshati has also been involved in astronomy outreach (through Exploring the Stars program), as a coordinator and instructor, Program Lead for Western’s Science Rendezvous (2017) event and Western Worlds podcast as a co-host, producer and showrunner since 2012. She has a MSc and PhD in Astronomy and Planetary Science and Exploration from the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at Western University and a Hons. BSc in Astronomy and Physics from University of Toronto.


Dana Beaton

Dana is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Western University pursuing concurrent degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Astrophysics with a minor in Planetary Science and Space Exploration. He is also the Propulsion Team Lead of the Western Engineering Rocket Club, an engineering team that designs and builds rockets for competition against schools from around the world in the Spaceport America Cup. He looks forward to sharing his love for engineering and space exploration with the campers.


More information coming soon