CPSX Outreach Program & Camp Coordinator – Dr. Parshati Patel

Parshati has been working with CPSX outreach in various capacities since 2012. She is a CPSX alumna with a PhD in Astronomy and Planetary Science and Exploration. In addition to being involved with CPSX outreach, Parshati has also been involved in astronomy outreach (through Exploring the Stars program), as a coordinator and instructor, Program and Marketing/Communications Lead for Western’s Science Rendezvous (2017) event and Western Worlds podcast as a co-host, producer and showrunner since 2012. She has a MSc and PhD in Astronomy and Planetary Science and Exploration from the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at Western University and a Hons. BSc in Astronomy and Physics from University of Toronto.

CPSX Outreach Assistant Coordinator – Dana Beaton

Dana Beaton is a fifth-year undergraduate student at Western University pursuing concurrent degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Astrophysics with a minor in Planetary Science and Space Exploration. He is the Propulsion Team Lead of Western Engineering Rocketry–an engineering design team that designs and builds medium-scale sounding rockets for competition in the Spaceport America Cup. He enjoys engaging the public in space-related activities and discussions through his work with Parshati as the CPSX Outreach Assistant. Of the many events that he has been a part of so far, he is proudest of his work towards the CPSX Space Camp which took place over the summer. Dana is thrilled to be part of the Western Worlds team and looks forward to continuing the tradition of bringing Space Science research and discoveries to you!


Space Explorers Assistant Coordinator – Siena McLachlan

Siena McLachlan is an aspiring secondary school teacher, with a background in English language & literature, creative writing, and Canadian history. She regularly tutors individuals of all ages in English literature, creative writing, and English as a second language. She has professional experience caring for school-aged children, and providing and assisting them with STEM related activities. She is a passionate educator who communicates with students to ensure they are happy and getting the best learning experience possible.

Camp Instructor – Alyssa Coelho

Alyssa is an Earth Sciences student entering her third year at Western University. She is specializing in Environmental Geoscience with a minor in Planetary Science and Space Exploration and has had a passion for her field of study since childhood. She is a London native who has worked with children from the age of 15 in multiple volunteering and work opportunities.

Camp Instructor – Jonathan Poma

Jonathan Poma grew up in Toronto from 1999 to 2017. He attended the University of Toronto (St. George Campus) and studied Economics, Statistics, and Math. He worked at various tutor companies before moving to London. At the Math Project, he tutored high school math and later became the project manager. At the Math Learning Academy he tutored math courses as well, but also taught grade 7/8 homeschool students. Jonathan moved to London in 2017 and enrolled at UWO’s teacher’s education program. While his main qualifications are for secondary grades, he has decided to pursue a career in becoming a grade 7/8 teacher one day. He’s currently hired by the TVDSB in both elementary and high school panels.

Camp Counselor – Megan Antunes

Megan is a 22-year-old student attending Western University at the Faculty of Education.  She previously attended Brock University attaining a Bachelor of Science degree with First Class Standing. At Brock University, Megan’s program was Pure Mathematics Integrated with Computer Programming and a Concentration in Education. Megan is currently entering her second and final year at Althouse toward her teaching degree. With being in Teacher’s College, Megan has obtained different teaching experiences and gained skills that will be useful throughout this camp.

Camp Counselor – Alysha Rosaasen 

Alysha is a 22 year old teacher candidate in her first year at the Faculty of
Education at Western University. She has extensive experience working with and teaching children of all ages and hopes to work as a Kindergarten to Grade 6 teacher upon her graduation next year. Alysha graduated from the University of Windsor in May of 2018 with a Bachelors Honours degree in Drama in Education and Community where she learned to use drama as a tool to teach various subjects. Alysha has worked as a work study student in the CPSX office and helped run the PD day camps throughout the school year. She looks forward to exploring space this summer with our future astronauts, see you at camp!

David Dunlap Observatory (Richmond Hill):

Site Coordinator – Dr. Sara Mazrouei 

Dr. Sara Mazrouei is a planetary scientist and a science communicator with a passion for sharing the wonders of the universe with the public. She has studied at York University, and the University of Toronto, as well as travelled all over the world for her research. Currently, she is the Space Matters Lead at CPSX.

Camp Instructor – Leah Davis – Purcell

Leah is currently completing her undergraduate degree at Western University in Honours Specialization Geophysics with a minor in Planetary Science and Space Exploration. She has always been interested in all sciences, but found a real interest in planetary science after taking an Earth and Space Science course in grade 12. Leah hopes to continue her education after completing her undergrad, focussing on planetary geophysics to study the physical processes of planetary bodies. In addition to working on outreach with CPSX at Western University, Leah enjoys playing on the Varsity Ultimate Frisbee team, as well as being a member of Western’s chapter of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. She is excited to use her background of working with children both in and out of a camp setting, as well as her interest in planetary science to be an instructor at the Space Explorers camp this Summer.

Camp Counsellor – Benjamin Levine 

Benjamin is headed into the second year of Integrated Science at Western University. He has been passionate about science from a young age and hope to make a career out of it. Some of his hobbies include scuba diving, video games, and skiing.

Camp Counsellor – Kelly Jaiqi Ge

Kelly is entering her third year in Health Sciences at Western. On campus, she’s a volunteer with the Wellness Education Centre and Health Promotions, and is excited to bring some Mustang spirit to her hometown this summer. In her spare time, her interests include: reading, writing, and drawing.