Camp Coordinator – Dr. Parshati Patel

Parshati has been working with CPSX outreach in various capacities since 2012. She is a CPSX alumna with a PhD in Astronomy and Planetary Science and Exploration. In addition to being involved with CPSX outreach, Parshati has also been involved in astronomy outreach (through Exploring the Stars program), as a coordinator and instructor, Program Lead for Western’s Science Rendezvous (2017) event and Western Worlds podcast as a co-host, producer and showrunner since 2012. She has a MSc and PhD in Astronomy and Planetary Science and Exploration from the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration at Western University and a Hons. BSc in Astronomy and Physics from University of Toronto.


2018 Space Explorers Program Staff

Dana Beaton – Assistant Coordinator

Dana is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Western University pursuing concurrent degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Astrophysics with a minor in Planetary Science and Space Exploration. He is also the Propulsion Team Lead of the Western Engineering Rocket Club, an engineering team that designs and builds rockets for competition against schools from around the world in the Spaceport America Cup. He looks forward to sharing his love for engineering and space exploration with the campers.


Sarah Trask – Assistant Coordinator

Sarah has just completed Honours Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience with a minor in Kinesiology at Brock University. With her BSc under her belt, Sarah is excited to return to Brock University in the fall to begin her Master of Public Health studies. Sarah has a passion for working with children and inspiring them in the STEM subjects. She looks forwards to meeting and teaching Canada’s future astronauts throughout the summer at camp!


Bhairavi Shankar – DDO Site Coordinator

Bhairavi is a Planetary Scientist and founder of BeSpatial Consulting. Through her company, she actively focuses on public education in space science in the GTA working with school aged students. She also helps train teachers and works towards subject curriculum development. She loves to promote about space science and role of women in science as often as possible. She is looking forward to work with campers at the historical David Dunlap Observatory location.


UWO Summer Staff:

Brytni Jade Richards – Camp Instructor

Brytni is a third year Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Robotics Engineering. She is a member of the University of Toronto Aerospace Team, Space Systems Division, which has the goal of creating a CubeSat (small satellite) to conduct scientific research in space. She has won first place in the Robotics of Space Exploration SEEK Competition, an event where teams are tasked to build a robot with given parts to accomplish a goal. She looks forward to learning and teaching about space with the campers, because as Sharon Begley wrote: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”


Adam Iannetta – Camp Instructor

Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Adam Iannetta is currently in the fourth year of his Doctorate of Musical Arts at Western University. While having spent the past nine – almost ten – years studying music, Adam has always had a soft spot for the sciences, so much so that he often refers to having grown up on the original Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Magic School Bus. Before choosing to start his undergraduate in music, Adam actually wanted to be a paleontologist, until he found out that paleontologists only study the remains of dinosaurs rather than bring them back to life, like in Jurassic Park (that was a disappointing realization). Through his doctoral studies, Adam hopes to cultivate his performance practice and musicianship to advocate all genres of music (classical and contemporary) as being more accessible to all groups and communities, especially kids.


Victoria Barlow – Camp Counselor

 My name is Victoria. I am going into my third year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Science at Western University specializing in Geographic Information Science and minoring in Planetary Science and Space Exploration. I’m looking forward to having fun and learning more about space with the campers.


Jasveen Singh – Camp Counselor

My name is Jasveen and I am currently studying Kinesiology here at Western university. My favourite thing about space are the constellations because they depict pictures in the stars!



DDO Summer Staff:

Breanna Amber-Udall – Camp Instructor

Breanna is a third-year undergraduate student at Dalhousie University pursuing a degree in Earth Sciences, Geology. Her interests include structural geology and paleontology and her long-term goal is to teach within the field. She is excited to share what she has been learning with the campers.


Devangi Wickremasinghe – Camp Instructor

Devangi is going into her second-year of Medical Science as an undergraduate student at Western University. She has competed in science competitions such as HOSA and is a member of Doctors without Borders.  She has a great fondness for space exploration and technologies. Working with children and sharing how STEM can be fun is something she looks forward in doing.


Ronald Cheung – Camp Counselor

Ronald Cheung is a student at Western University who just completed his first year in medical sciences. He has always had a passion for science and space ever since he was a young kid and he enjoys reading in his spare time. Ronald is really excited to be part of the camp staff this summer and share his love for space with the campers!


Jasmine Lau – Camp Counselor

Jasmine recently completed her fifth year at Brescia University College in sociology. She has a wide range of experience as a counselor and instructor for various summer camps and sport clubs. Last summer, Jasmine visited the Cronyn Observatory for the first time, and had the opportunity to explore the many wonders of astronomy. Jasmine is super enthusiastic to join campers in Space Explorers to learn about the many wonderful things about our universe.