Summer Camp

NEW: Virtual French Space Explorers now offered!
NOUVEAU : Camp d’été, Explorateurs de l’espace virtuel maintenant offert!

Welcome Space Explorers!

The Space Explorers Program’s summer camp is a 1-week camp for children in Grade 4/5/6. At the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration (Western Space), in collaboration with Space Explorers Camp, the Computer Science department’s Bit by Bit Summer camp we aim to empower children with the basic knowledge and workings of the many branches of planetary sciences. Campers will engage weekly in hands-on activities, daily projects, and demonstrations highlighting space focused issues in the fields of astronomy, biology, engineering, geography, and geology.

Space Explorers Camp Sessions:

Not Sure About Virtual Camps?

Virtual Camps: The Space Explorers Program will be using an online software,, to deliver the virtual programming. is a more interactive alternative to Zoom. Campers get to make their very own avatar and move around virtual rooms, interact and socialize with other campers.

In using this software and as a part of this experience, webcams and microphones may be used to support your child(ren)s experience.
For more information on how the virtual camp will operate, check our FAQ page

French and English Sessions

Camp will run in French and English simultaneously. All sessions are live and guided by our Instructors, with the leadership of Camp Counsellors. The Camp Coordinator, Tabetha Sheppard is a science communicator and holds a BSc. in Geology.

2021 Themes

Travel to Mars

What would you pack for a week-long trip to Mars? For Space Explorers campers, it is time to start packing! Spend the week virtually exploring the surface of Mars, visiting rovers like Curiosity and Perseverance, and planning your very own team mission. After attending this week of Space Explorers, campers are sure to be Martian experts!

Exploring the Universe

All aboard the Space Explorers spaceship! Spend the week flying through our MilkyWay Galaxy with our expert staff exploring our solar system, blackholes, exoplanets and more! Campers can expect an interactive and unforgettable trip to the furthest corners of our universe with this Space Explorer theme.

Camp themes alternate weekly, so join us for both! 

Travel to Mars

Exploring the Universe

  • You can either choose 9am or 1 pm sessions which are 3 hour slots. Please choose ONLY one time slot for the week.
  • Both daily time slots will offer the same content in order to make our program accessible to different time zones.


75$ + tax, per week.


If you have registered for a camp session and need to cancel or make changes to the selected time, please contact ASAP prior to the program start date, as there will be a waiting list for full sessions and this will allow other campers to have the opportunity to attend.  If you know in advance that your child will be absent from camp, we ask that you contact us at or call (519) 661-2111 ext 88508.


The Space Explorers Program will be using an online software,, to deliver the virtual programming. In the case there is technical difficulties, the camp will use Zoom until technical issues are resolved. We recommend to have the Zoom software downloaded and ready for use. In using both softwares and as a part of this experience, webcams and microphones may be used to support your child(ren)s experience. Please ensure that the environment surrounding your child, that may appear on camera during the session, is free from: nudity, violent content, inappropriate language/visuals and major distractions. Please be aware that any violations of the environment policy will result in immediate disconnection from the session and possible expulsion if necessary or repeated.

Code of Conduct: 

Abuse, whether visual or verbal, towards the instructors, counselors, fellow campers or others will not be tolerated. This will result in a call to the parent or guardian and in the immediate removal of the child from the camp session.   While instruction is being given, there should be no unnecessary disruptions (verbal or visual). In the virtual setting, if there is a question, the “Raise Hand” function can be used to alert the instructor to the question. In order to hear from each camper and to answer all questions, campers must take turns and be respectful of each other when participating.